Attachment: Reciprocity and Interactional Synchrony

In this post I will attempt to clarify the use of the terms reciprocity and interactional synchrony. The new specification for AQA places more emphasis on the formation of attachments and has removed the need to explore the impact of day care. The topic of “Attachment” now starts by exploring the early interactions between infant… Read More Attachment: Reciprocity and Interactional Synchrony

Demystifying the Language of Bowlby (and other theories)

There is no doubt that vexing vocab = struggling students. Many theories in Psychology appear riddled with new and complex terminology for often very abstract concepts. This can be hard for many students to cope with, particularly if they have struggled to decode language throughout their education. Bowlby’s Attachment Theory (AQA) is a good example of a… Read More Demystifying the Language of Bowlby (and other theories)