About the author

This blog is intended for teachers of A Level Psychology. Posts on this blog include ideas to keep teaching topical by using Psychology related news and publications in the classroom and ways to ensure students experience Psychology at A Level in a way that equips them with the thinking and study skills for future study.

The author, Caroline Rigby, is an experienced teacher of A Level Psychology (AQA A) who is committed to sharing good practice among Psychology teachers. Posts are categorised according to the AQA A specification for ease of reference but the content may also be of use to teachers of other specifications.  Caroline Rigby (MBPSsS) is a member of the British Psychological Society and is committed to ensuring that A Level students study Psychology in a way that is consistent with the aims of the society.

One comment

  1. Craig Watkins


    I teach high school psychology in the United States, I just came across your blog. Since the semester just started I have borrowed two of your strategies, “Would You Rather” and “Find the Fake,” They both worked very well and introduced a lot of topics, and basic of psychology in a very quick and efficient manner. The students loved both activities.


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