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Psychology revision


I am always surprised, both at this time of year and in the run up to January modules, at how many new subscribers and views some revision resources, which I made purely for my own students use several years ago, receive. At the time I was conscious that I didn’t want to spend lessons simply going over topic areas to review knowledge as I prefer to focus on the application of knowledge in line with exam assessment objectives. I was also aware, however, that many students found “going over material” with me reassuring.


I created a series of fairly short audio resources, with visuals (still slides) to complement the audio, so that my students could listen or watch these concise reviews of the topic areas as part of their revision. The idea was not to replace their notes but to act as a guide, highlighting the important material.

I started with AS topics and created a series for AQA spec A Unit 1 for both Memory and Attachments. As my school did not have a VLE at the time, and so students could not access material on the school network at home, I  set up a YouTube channel under the guise of Psychology Guru (all I can say is that everything else Psychology related seemed to be taken and I was running out of ideas!). My students were really grateful and said they found them useful. I didn’t restrict viewing to my students so the unexpected outcome was that the resources are still getting plenty of views and I seem to have new subscribers every day at this time of year. The comments I have had asking for more videos or wondering where the illusive part 3 of some series has got to, show that these users are not just my students but from wider afield so I’m really pleased these resources are getting plenty of use.

Anomalistic Psychology

I later added a more in-depth series (which is complete) on Anomalistic Psychology drawing together a range of pieces of research to make the topic a little more workable than it appears in some textbooks if they are used in isolation.

These resources are by no means high quality or professional in their production. The attentive listener will notice that my accent appears to change at regular intervals and according to one comment I received my voice is a bit boring so I’m writing this blog post not to recommend my resources, but rather advocate the principal behind them.

New series for non-specialists

I am in the process of working on some audio/visual resources for use in class to support non-specialists teach some aspects of the course which may be less familiar or for use outside of class to encourage independence in student learning.


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