Psychologists on Twitter

The BPS have published, on their website, a list of Psychologists who Tweet. I have selected a few to follow and I use some of their Tweets as the basis for discussion-based starter activities.

I start by sharing verbally the gist of the research finding, acknowledging the source, and invite students to offer critical comment as a Psychologist for about 5 – 10 minutes. I usually ask the students what they would want to know about the research methodology to trust the findings and the possible applications based on the conclusions. In preparation for Unit 4 (AQA spec A) I ask them for a suggestion for a follow up study. It’s really important to listen out for opportunities to bring in new key terms, approaches, issues and debates where the discussion starts naturally leading in this direction.

Unfortunately some of the Psychologist’s Tweets are as inane as everyone else’s social networking offerings, but I can usually find something amongst them worth talking about every week.

It’s a great way to:

  • model to students that I am still learning and that I value this process
  • create opportunities for learners to apply their knowledge and skills in novel scenarios, increasing the chance of transfer
  • give aspiring Psychologists an insight into what research in Psychology is all about in the present and where it might be going in the future

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