Reporting Psychological Investigations

I’m always interested in why some concepts, that seem straight forward to teachers, can consistently baffle students. The conventions of writing up a scientific investigation fits in this category of needlessly tricky areas. This post contains some ideas to promote understanding and improve retention of these concepts. The exact wording in this section of the… Read More Reporting Psychological Investigations

Minority Influence and Social Change: Jamie Oliver’s Latest Campaign

About 10 years ago, Chef and TV personality Jamie Oliver led a successful campaign to improve the quality and nutritional value of school dinners. The TV series aired in 2005 (“Jamie’s School Dinners”) played a significant part in changes being made to the policies surrounding the content of school lunches across the country. This campaign… Read More Minority Influence and Social Change: Jamie Oliver’s Latest Campaign

Milgram: Beyond the numbers…

Although there is no shortage of resources available for the teaching of many of the so-called “classics” in Social Psychology, such as Milgram’s obedience studies, I thought it was still worth blogging about an article In August 2015’s The Psychologist magazine entitled “Rhetoric and Resistance”. Stephen Gibson (Department of Psychology and Sport, York St John… Read More Milgram: Beyond the numbers…

Attachment: Reciprocity and Interactional Synchrony

In this post I will attempt to clarify the use of the terms reciprocity and interactional synchrony. The new specification for AQA places more emphasis on the formation of attachments and has removed the need to explore the impact of day care. The topic of “Attachment” now starts by exploring the early interactions between infant… Read More Attachment: Reciprocity and Interactional Synchrony